Pelagic Fish

experience the arctic pureness


Two types of catching methods are most commonly used, purse seine or trawl, with purse seine as the most popular.

The vessels are state of the art and specialized for fishing in the rough waters of the Norwegian Sea or the North Sea. Onboard there are a higly sophisticated chilled water cooling system in the tanks where the catch are beeing held in order to maintain the high quality of the catch until it reaches one of our 10 factories.

Catching methods

Purse seine
Most of our products are caught with purse seines. A purse seine is a large fishing net, which has a number of rings along the bottom. A rope passes through all the rings, and when pulled tight, it draws the rings in towards one another, preventing the fish from escaping (this operation is similar to a traditional style purse, which has a drawstring).

The purse seine is a preferred technique for capturing commercially important fish species which school, or aggregate, close to the surface: such as mackerel and herring. This gives Norway Pelagic`s products perfect skin and flesh, and an unsurpassed, pure freshness throughout the year.

Some of our products are caught by trawl. Trawling is a popular fishing method today because of its versatility and efficiency. The method employs a large cone shaped net, held open by large metal plates also called trawl doors. The net can be dragged by one or two fishing vessels.

Pelagic trawling is also known as ‘mid-water trawling’ because the net is dragged through the water without touching the seabed. The trawl can be adapted to catch fish both near the bottom, mid-water and near the surface using weights and buoyancy devices. This method is used for catching pelagic species such as  herring and mackerel.

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